What is discovery prototyping? Mention the three advantages of discovery prototyping.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

a) Discovery prototyping is the act of building a small-scale, representative or working model of the user‘s requirements to discover or verify those requirements. Discovery prototyping is frequently applied to systems development projects, especially when the development team is having problems defining system requirement. The philosophy is that users will recognize their requirements when they see them.

Advantages of discovery prototyping
• Allows users and developers to experiment with the software and develop an understanding of how the system might work.
• Aids in determining the feasibility and usefulness of the system before high development cost are incurred.
• Serves as a training mechanism for users

• Aids in building system test plans and scenarios to be used last in the system testing process
• May minimize the time spent for fact finding and help define more stable and reliable requirements

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