What is object oriented programming? What are the benefits of such programming language compared to traditional programming languages?

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Object oriented programming is a modern approach of programming wherein the overall programming activities are divided into specific, re-usable, functional program modules which are integrated together to accomplish the overall task. Each of such modules can be reused and can also be modified to create more variants of the same module. Different such modules can exchange data amongst themselves to create the overall functional program unit.
The major benefits of such programming over traditional programming are:
 The data within an object are not visible outside it and can only be manipulated inside it. So, activity of one module or object can be isolated from others.
 Reusability of the objects means the effort and time in creating the whole complicated program is reduced.
 Even future software development activities can draw from the library objects developed for different program.
 Object oriented programming with visual interface can help create the overall structure and interface of the program quickly with little coding effort.

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