What is software development life cycle? List out the phases of software development life cycle and explain the maintenance phase of software development life cycle.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The entire process from the need of the system being felt till the system is used and ultimately declared absolutely reliable forms the life cycle of the system
The period of time that begins when a system is conceived and ends when a system is fully operational for use and gets maintained is called the software ware development life cycle of a system.
The various phases of software development life cycle are
• System investigation
• System analysis
• System design
• System implementation
• Systems maintenance System maintenance
Once a system is fully implemented and is being used in business operations, the maintenance function begins. System maintenance is the monitoring, evaluating, and modifying of operational e-business systems to make desirable or necessary improvements. The maintenance function includes:
• A post-implementation review process to ensure that newly implemented systems meet the e- business objectives established for them.
• Correcting errors in the development or use of the system. This includes a periodic review or audit of a system to ensure that it is operating properly and meeting its objectives.
• Making modifications to an e-business system due to changes in the business organization or the business environment.

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