What is the basic role of Information System Auditor? What are the ethical issues associated with Information systems?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

An IS Auditor’s role is to evaluate whether adequate controls are present within the project management and businss processes and validate the effectiveness of those controls. It is bascially the evaluation of IT system and process to ensure protection and use of Information system assets. An organisation is depenent on IT system for carrying out business activities and achieving its objetives. An IS auditor has to assess whether the IT system is strong and trust worthy for its desired results. Various IT tools and techniques are used as audit tools to guage the effectiveness of teh IT system.
WIth rampant use of information technology in businesss, many ethical issues have come up. The ethical questions try to indicate to the boundaries, standards and code of conduct which using IT for various works.While IT is used to achieve better efficiency in business, at times it may lead to harm to various people.
The key ethical issues raised by information system are :
1. Proper Use of information for intended purpose
2. Protection of personal privacy
3. Protection of intellectual property
4. Accountability for use of IS information

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