What is the Non- verbal Communication?


Non -verbal communication is not the communication which involves neither written nor spoken words but takes place without the use of words. In it we are concerned with such things as body movements, space, time voice tone/pitch, general characteristics of the environment colour, and any kind of audio or visual signals that the communication may use.

Four basic types

  • Proxemics – an individual’s perception & use of space
  • Kinesics – study of body movements, including posture
  • Facial & Eye Behavior – movements that add cues for the receiver
  • Paralanguage – variations in speech, such as pitch, loudness, tempo, tone, duration, laughing, & crying


  • Non-verbal communication is important because action speak louder than words.
  • Non-verbal communication reveals a person true feeling, motivation or character. Due to this nonverbal communication are superior to verbal communication.
  • Non-verbal communication is much more efficient than verbal communication wave of hand or pat or the back speaks volume.


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