What is the significance of artificial intelligence in expert support system? What are the effects of change in technology on business IT environment?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Artificial intelligence is a sophisticated computer based cognitive system that uses complex and human-like intelligent logic to process data and draw structured and unstructured conclusions. Modern systems such as self-driving vehicles, computer-based cognitive games such as chess, intelligent package routing in warehouses and delivery channels etc use artificial intelligence. These systems try to mimic the logical reasoning and judgement processes to process complex data sets such as marketing, consumer data, weather data, scientific research data etc. Expert support systems are designed to support decision makers make structured and unstructured decisions based on data and information from internal and external sources. Since such information is not only based on pre-defined processing of specific data but also expert reasoning and analysis based on the data as well as other factors such as the context, environment and other processes, artificial intelligence has a significant scope in processing the information and arriving at logical conclusions or recommendations.
The effect of change in technology on business IT environment can be outlined as follows:
 Need to change the system to be up to date with new technology.
 Changes in business processes to adopt and adapt to the new technologies.
 For example, a traditional HR management system may need change to handle new, biometric based attendance system or a financial accounting system may need to be customized to support electronic payment mechanism.
 Change in technology also creates need for HR management challenges such as re-training, recruitment, support contracts etc.

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