What reasons would you put forward for adopting a database as a basis for an information system?

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Reasons for adopting a database as a basis for an information system.
A database is a collection of structured data. It is a non-redundant collection of logically related files organised in a manner that satisfies the needs of an organisation where typical needs of an organisation are for carrying out administrative duties.
A database: –
• Fulfils organisations information needs
• Is designed in such a way that it is only accessible to authorised persons.
• It is organised in such a way to enable access and updating of records to be made by different people in different ways without changing its design.

I would adopt a database as a basis of an information system due to the following reasons:

1. A database avoids the problem of data duplication or redundancy by allowing a single data element to be used in a number of applications. Unlike the traditional approaches whereby data files are created when need arises resulting to a lot of duplication and wastage of storage space.
2. With database as a basis of information system, it is easier to update files as and when need arises. This process may be very tiresome and time consuming in case of traditional file processing approaches.
3. Database enhances data integrity as only those who are authorised to make changes in the files can gain access to the system.
4. Data is independent of the programs which use it. Thus database remove data and program dependence.
5. Database form of information system ensures consistency in an organisation‘s use of data since all data is integrated and homogeneous in nature.
6. It brings about greater formality over security control especially over access to the system.

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