What risks do you see in using information communications technology (ICT) as a strategic resource and what actions should be taken to make ICT a viable strategic resource?

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Information Communication Technology
This refers to the use of computers, telecommunications equipment and other technologies associated with automation for the transmission of information.

Risks in using ICT as a strategic resource:
Change- ICT is vulnerable to change which may compromise its relevance to an organization. For example, production of higher versions of software product may render earlier versions obsolete as is the case with Windows 95 after the release of the versions Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP which provide more advanced networking and security features.
Over expenditure on hardware, software, installation of networks, personnel, etc. An organization could find itself spending freely on hardware, software, installation of networks and personnel in cases where no proper budgeting is made before initiating an ICT project..
Poor selection of ICT resources that are needed to meet the competitive strategies of an organization. Poorly selected resources results in wastage of organizational funds. It may also result in failure of the organization to meet its strategic objectives since the poorly selected resources may only partially meet the strategic objectives of an organization.

4. Security issues- using ICT as a strategic resource would mean that there would have to be adequate security mechanisms to prevent hardware resources from sabotage, theft and misuse. Data must also be protected from corruption or unauthorized access.
Actions that need to be taken:
1. Change management approach- an organization should strive to keep up with changes in the ICT sector to avoid being left behind. This requires constant market research and periodic appraisal of its systems.
2. Adequate budgeting procedures should be put in place to ensure that only necessary resources (hardware, software, personnel) are acquired an organization.
3. To avoid the risk of poor selection of resources, management should seek adequate
consultation from the IT manager of a company or from an IT consultancy firm.
4. To counter the security risks in using ICT, adequate security mechanisms such as usernames and passwords, data encryption, physical security measures such as electronic door locks and mechanical door locks used to be put in place.

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