Whenever a user buys a software, it is essential that the software comes with a seller maintenance contract. As an outside consultant, you are required to explain to the user what a seller maintenance contract is and the specifications required the user in a seller maintenance contract.

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Seller maintenance contract and specifications required the user in a seller maintenance contract.
A seller maintenance contract refers to an agreement between the vendor of software and the buyer to offer any technical assistance in future for items supplied the vendor in case they fail to perform as specified. Such technical assistance may include specialist assistance in case the buyer runs into difficulty with the program or software in future.

The customer will need to sign a maintenance contract after clearly understanding the terms of the contract and how much it cost him. Such terms include such specifications as:

1. How quickly the supplier promises to have a repair maintenance engineer out to visit the customer in case he runs into difficulty. This will help the customer to be assured of a minimum idle time or loss of time in case the software breaks down.
2. If the whole system is to be put on hold pending correction of faulty software, the supplier might promise to provide backup or a standsystem to stand in for the one being corrected.
3. The customer will need to be aware of the cost effects on the contract in that the costs should be lower than the ordinary market costs of maintenance.
4. The customer should avoid clauses that could lead him in being locked in the vendor such that all his requirements must have to be sourced from the supplier.

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