Who should be involved in a requirement review? Suggest their role in the requirement review.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

a) Requirement review/walkthrough:
This refers to a planned review of a system that is carried out by people not involved in its development effort in order to examine a proposed system as formulated by the systems analyst. If there are any inconsistencies between the requirements stated by the users and those that the analyst is proposing, the review should be able to uncover such inconsistencies.

People involved in a requirement review and their roles:
1. Chairman
o He/she controls the overall direction of a walkthrough and ensures that its agenda is adhered to.
o He gives approval by signing the project milestones when users are satisfied at each development stage.
2. Author
o He is the creator or designer of the system.
o He presents and explains the materials that are being reviewed/walked through.
3. Recorder
o He acts a secretary of the team and ensures that all agreed actions pointed out are noted and followed up.
4. Reviewers
o They get in advance the materials being walked through as a working model.
o They walk through the proposed system and check whether if falls short of required quality.
5. User representative
o He approves their (the users) understanding and satisfaction of what they will do with the system when it becomes operational. The representatives may be senior managers, auditors, etc

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