Why do organisations automate reasoning or decision making task s which human beings are naturally better able to perform than computers?

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 Reasons for automation of decision making roles:
1. To achieve speed in making structured decisions e.g. an order to restock when stock levels are low could automatically be implemented a computerized solution to decision making.
2. By automating structured decisions, human beings are freed to more complex structured decisions that require creativity, which is not provided for in computers.
3. Computers are more reliable when it comes to making routine decisions. A human being is capable of forgetting to perform a routine decision e.g. restocking particularly when under stress. Computers on the other hand, are programmed and thus they cannot forget to perform routine tasks. Infact, they are excellent at routine tasks.
4. A computerized solution to decision making is cheaper than a human solution to decision making. Managerial decision makers usually offer their expertise at a high cost. A computerized solution to decision making would only involve an initial investment cost and subsequent maintenance costs which are in the long run cheaper.
5. Objectivity- computers are totally objective. Human beings could have other factors that may affect their reasoning (e.g. anger) which could end up compromising the decisions they make.

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