Write a short note on Written representation

Auditing and Assurance Revision Questions and Answers


This refers to a written statement by management provided to the auditor to confirm certain matters or to support other audit evidence. Written representations in this context do not include financial statements, the assertions therein, or supporting books and records. Written representations are necessary information that the auditor requires in connection with the audit of the entity‟s financial statements. Accordingly, similar to responses to inquiries, written representations are audit evidence. Although written representations provide necessary audit evidence, they do not provide sufficient appropriate audit evidence on their own about any of the matters with which they deal. Furthermore, the fact that management has provided reliable written representations does not affect the nature or extent of other audit evidence that the auditor obtains about the fulfillment of management‟s responsibilities, or about specific assertions.
The auditor shall request written representations from management with appropriate responsibilities for the financial statements and knowledge of the matters concerned. Written Representations about management‟s responsibilities include:
 Preparation of the Financial Statements;
 Information Provided and Completeness of Transactions; and
 Other responsibility

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