Write short descriptive notes Electronic point of sale system

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Electronic point of sale system
This is a terminal unit or a system capable of selling, processing and receiving sales and stock particulars by selling transactions. They are mostly used in retail outlets as terminals connecting the cashier to the computer database containing the stock and sales data. It comprises of 3 units namely:
 Bar code scanner
 Cash register keyboard
 Cash register visual screen panel or VDU

When a customer presents an item to the cashier, the cashier either enters the keyboard numbers through the keyboard or uses the scanner to read the bar code. The information is then sent to computer memory, which interprets the information and retrieves the data from the magnitude containing the stock and sale. The system calculate the total amount of purchases and sales before reconciling the stock. It also gives out the itemised receipt and change to customer.

The advantages of this system include: –
1. It is very fast and convenient to both the cashier and customer.
2. It gives more accurate and reliable services
3. It reduces the need for oriental personnel
4. It provides automatic control of stock and sales data.

However the system suffers the following drawbacks
1. It is vulnerable to mechanical and power failure.
2. It is very expensive and requires large organisation with substance data processing requirements.
3. Updating or alteration of stock or sales data involves a lot of work and cost.

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