Write short notes on Characteristics and benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

SN Characteristics of ERP Benefits of ERP
1. An ERP system is able to respond to the changing needs of an enterprise It reduces the paper documents by providing online formats for quickly entering and
retrieving information
2. ERP systems have open system architecture which means to say that any module can be attached or
detached from it. Improves timeliness of information by permitting posting daily instead of monthly
3. It is able to support variety of organizational functions and must be suitable for a wide range of
business organization Greater accuracy of information with detailed content and better presentations

4. It is not confined to the organizational
boundaries Improved cost control, better monitoring and
quicker resolution of queries
5. It have a collection of the best business
processes applicable worldwide Faster response and follow-up on customers

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