Write short notes on Comparison between B2B and B2C

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers


1. B2B is the process of selling goods and services though the internet among the businesses. C2C is the process of selling goods and services through the electronics through the internet directly from

consumer to consumer.

2. It reduces the cost of distributor and other middle party while  selling commodities to the business It enables the selling of the used product of one consumer to another consumer at comparatively lower


3. The company‘s own website can be one

selling spot.

Third party web portals can be used for the selling and purchase of the


4. Payment mechanism can be any one of: digital credit card, digital cash, accumulated balance digital payment


Normally credit card system is used as the payment mechanism
5. e.g www.milpro.com, www.alibaba.com e.g www.ebay.com,www.monster.com

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