Write short notes on Computer Based MIS

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Computer Based Management Information Systems (MIS) is the computer-based organizational system that offers and consolidates information for management-related activities, functions and decisions. It is a complex system composed of computer hardware and software that work together. MIS enables collection, transmission, processing and storing information. It organizes huge volumes of seemingly unmanageable data and turns them into reports. Decision makers can study such reports and distinguish trends and patterns that are made highly noticeable by the system.
Good computer-based management information should be accurate, current and not require too much time to retrieve. Information must be relevant so it can improve decision-making. It also must reaffirm and evaluate decisions made in the past. For example, information on how many people buy a certain toy brand in the market can help the manufacturers decide whether to increase production. Managed information is accurate when it reflects actual events and facts. In some cases, information needs to be exact, especially in dealing with numbers such as a store’s revenue for a certain month.

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