Write short notes on Computer fraud

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Computer frauds is any unauthorized and/or illegal activities like – modification of data, modification of software, destruction of hardware, unauthorized access, etc. This is performed with the knowledge of computer technology and this results-in theft, unauthorized use of resources, modification of data, destruction of data/system, etc. Perpetrator can commit a fraud without leaving any evidence, therefore, computer fraud is often very difficult to detect compared to other frauds.
Computer fraud is to use the computer or internet to harm others. People might use your personal information in a wrong way which can harm you in one way or the other. This can take the form of computer hacking, sending virus mails to the other people, sending spam mails, stealing critical information like account number and using it in a wrong way. There can be numerous ways by which the dishonest people can harm other people. So you need to be extra cautious while using computer and internet in order not to become the prey of these computer frauds. Computer frauds can be of the following types:
i) Theft of data
ii) Inappropriate use of data
iii) Theft of mainframe computer time
iv) Theft of equipment and /or software
v) Destruction from viruses and similar attacks
vi) Deliberate manipulation in handling, entering, processing transferring or programming data
vii) Theft of money by altering computer records
viii) Damage to the computer resources

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