Write short notes on Consultant level role of IT professional in determining system architecture

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Consultant level role is perhaps the highest and most abstract role of IT professional in an organization. Such roles are normally short term, highly focused, well-defined and limited to a particular project or task. Because of such focused responsibility, consultants are supposed to be top experts in that particular area and capable to provide important suggestions and counsel to the organization in the pre-defined time frame. Consultants are normally hired at the design or deployment stages of the information. Consultant at the design stage normally provides information related to the system design aspects such as feasibility, architectural layout, development plans etc. System designing is a critical stage of development lifecycle. Improper or erroneous design leads to improper system architecture that cannot fulfill its objectives. This can lead to another cycle of design and development, thereraising cost and time needed. A good consultation during system architecture design can help avoid design mistakes, bugs and other flaws. A consultant with designing level role has to develop a clear understanding of the system requirements and constraints. S/he also has to study the system architecture design closely as it is developed. Then

the consultant has to clearly point out the good areas as well as shortcomings with suggested solutions so that good design architecture is developed within shortest possible time.

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