Write short notes on Data encryption and its importance.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Data encryption is all about the conversion of the important data to the format which is not understandable to the unwanted receiver even though they have access it. Thus encryption is the combination of the computer science and mathematics to disguise the data. Data encryption ensures confidentiality of the data. For the desired receiver they will have the key to recover the original data from the encrypted version. The process of recovering the original data is called as the decryption and the key which is used to recover the original data is decryption key.

Government data, financial data, personal data, tax information, credit card details and airlines data are very sensitive. If they go in wrong hand it may be counter- productive. But, theses data keep on moving internet and internet is prone to unwanted access. So encryption helps in the transmission of these valuable data in other form which is not understandable to the unwanted users. Normally two types of encryption techniques are used to secure the data. They are private key encryption and public key encryption.

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