Write short notes on Final acceptance testing

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Final Acceptance Testing is conducted when the system is just ready for implementation. During this testing, it is ensured that the new system satisfies the quality standards adopted the business and the system satisfies the users. Thus, the final acceptance testing has two major parts:
a. Quality Assurance Testing: It ensures that the new system satisfies the prescribed quality standards and the development process is as per the organization‘s quality assurance methodology.
b. User Acceptance Testing: It ensures that the functional aspects expected the users have been well addressed in the new system. There are two types of the user acceptance testing :
o Alpha Testing: This is the first stage, often performed the users within the organization.
o Beta Testing: This is the second stage, generally performed the external users. This is the last stage of testing, and normally involves sending the product outside the development environment for real world exposure.

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