Write short notes on Implementation Guidelines for ERP

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

There are certain general guidelines, which are to be followed before starting the implementation of an ERP package.
i) Understanding the corporate needs and culture of the organization and then adopt the implementation technique to match these factors.
ii) Doing a business process redesign exercise prior to starting the implementation.
iii) Establishing a good communication network across the organization.
iv) Providing a strong and effective leadership so that people down the line are well motivated.
v) Finding an efficient and capable project manager.
vi) Creating a balanced term of implementation consultants who can work together as a team.
vii) Selecting a good implementation methodology with minimum customization.
viii) Training end users.
ix) Adapting the new system and making the required changes in the working environment to make effective use of the system in future.

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