Write short notes on Job production

It may also be called unique production. It is the production of single items, usually to order
i.e. most products are made for a particular customer or to a particular order. These products may be small, tailor-made components, huge pieces of equipment or large single items such as a ship.

Because of the unique nature of each article to be produced, planning is not easy in jobbing production, neither is control. A lot of inventiveness and creativity is required.

Characteristics of job production
• A wide variety of different operations to be performed under varying circumstances i.e. no standardization
• Varying sequences of operations
• General purpose machinery and equipment
• Unpredictable demand on stocks
• Workforce skilled in a wide range of skills

Circumstances that would justify adoption of job production
• Where large items e.g. ships have to be built
• Where single large pieces of equipment such as electricity generating plant are to be manufactured
• Where individual items e.g. a bridge is to be constructed
• Where small one-off parts are to be produced to the order of the production department.

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