Write short notes on Management Information System (MIS).

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Management Information System can be defined as-

(i) collection of interrelated components working together to collect, and process, store and disseminate information, supporting decision making, coordination and control, analysis and visualization.

(ii) An approach that visualize the business organization as a single entity composed of various inter-related and inter-dependent sub-systems working together to provide timely and accurate information for management decision making which leads to optimization of overall enterprise goals and resources,

(iii) A system of people, equipment, procedures documents and communication that collects, validates, operates on transfer, stores, retrieves, and present data for use in planning, budgeting, accounting, controlling and other management processes.
Firstly information is defined as those things which reduces the level of uncertainty or increases the knowledge of those who receive it. A collection of interrelated components working together to collect and process the raw data, store and disseminate information for the effective operation of the organization with the optimization of the resource to achieve the goal within the specified time. Management information system thus is interrelation of human resource and of knowledge of organization and employee. MIS in an organization helps in every level of organizational hierarchy starting from operation level, supervisory level and executive level. Specifically MIS helps in decision making, coordination and controlling, analysis and visualization.

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