Write short notes on Prototype modeling

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

This is one of the approaches of software development system. This is used to develop a system quickly more than the traditional method. The goal of prototyping approach is, initially, to develop a small or pilot version called a prototype of part or all of a system. This is a usable system or
system component that is built quickly and at a lesser cost with intention of modifying and
replacing it by a full scale and fully operational system. As users work with the prototype, they make suggestions about the ways to improve it. These suggestions are then incorporated into another prototype which is also used and evaluated and this process is repeated until a satisfactory system is developed. Finally, when a prototype is developed that satisfies all user requirements, either it is refined and turned in to the final system or it is scrapped. If it is scrapped, the knowledge gained from building the earlier prototype is used to develop the real system. Experimenting with prototype helps users to identify additional requirements and needs that they might have overlooked or forgotten to mention. The users will also have a clearer visual picture of what the final version will look like.

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