Write short notes on Prototyping can be viewed as a series of steps. What are they? Explain.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

i. Identify Information System Requirements
In prototyping approach, the design team obtains the very basic system requirements to build an initial prototype. A detailed requirement is prepared after obtaining users‘ feedback on the prototype.

ii. Develop the Initial Prototype
In this step, the designers develop an initial base model with goals of ‗rapid development‘ and
‗low cost‘. Thus the designers give little or no consideration to internal controls and emphasize on system characteristics as ‗simplicity‘, ‗flexibility‘ and ‗ease of use‘.

iii. Test and modify
After finishing the initial prototype, the designers demonstrate the model to the users and then ask them to operate/experiment it. The designers ask users to record their likes and dislikes about the system and recommend changes. Using this feedback, the design team modifies the prototype as necessary and then resubmits the revised model to the system users for re-evaluation. This iterative process of modification and re-evaluation continues until the users are fully satisfied.

iv. Obtain User Signoff

After users are fully satisfied with the modified prototype, they formally approve the final version of the prototype, which commits them to the modified design and establishes a contractual obligation on the system and agrees on what the system can do and can not do.

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