Write short notes on Risks involved in the End User Development approach.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Here the end user is responsible for system development activities. The end user is allowed to develop systems. The number and nature of systems development activities followed often differ from those found in formal approaches.
There are many advantages but a number of risks also are there. They are:
(1) A decline in standards and controls. When an analyst is in-charge of developments walk through will be done and standards and policies will be enforced which are unlikely in this approach.
(2) Inaccuracy of specification requirements as the end user may not have much experience.
(3) Due to the lack of adequate specifications, there would be reduction in the quality assurance and stability of the system.
(4) An increase in unrelated and incompatible systems. Hence management would have difficulty in obtaining full corporate data.
(5) Difficulties in accessing could arise for users trying to access a central system such as the corporate database, with a proliferation of different systems and applications.

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