Write short notes on Sales and marketing information system

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Sales and marketing function is responsible for selling the organization‘s products or services.
Marketing is concerned with identifying the customers for the firm‘s products or services, determining what they need or want, planning and developing products and services to meet their needs, and advertising and promoting these products and services. Sales is concerned with contacting customers, selling the products and services, taking orders, and following up on sales. Sales and marketing information systems support sales and marketing activities.
These information systems are arranged organizational level. At strategic level, these systems monitor trends affecting new products and sales opportunities, support planning for new products and services, and monitor the performance of competitors. At the management level, these systems support market research, advertising and promotional campaigns, and pricing decisions; they also analyze sales performance and the performance of the sales staff. At the knowledge level, these systems support market analysis activities. At the operational level, these systems assist in locating and contacting prospective customers, tracking sales, processing orders, and providing customer service support.

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