Write short notes on Types of System Testing

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Types of System Testing: System testing is a process in which software and other system elements are tested as a whole. Major types of system testing that might be carried out, are given as follows: Recovery Testing: This is the activity of testing ‗how well the application is able to recover from crashes, hardware failures and other problems‘. Similar Recovery testing is the forced failure of the software in a variety of ways to verify that recovery is properly performed.
Security Testing: This is the process to determine that an Information System protects data and maintains functionality as intended or not. The six basic security concepts that need to be covered by security testing are: confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, authorization and non-repudiation. This testing technique also ensures the existence and proper execution of access controls in the new system.
Stress or Volume Testing: Stress testing is a form of testing that is used to determine the stability of a given system or entity. It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point, in order to observe the results. Stress testing may be performed by testing the application with large quantity of data during peak hours to test its performance.

Performance Testing: Software performance testing is used to determine the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or device. This testing technique compares the new system’s performance with that of similar systems using well defined benchmarks.

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