Write short notes on Utility of working paper to auditors

Auditing and Assurance Revision Questions and Answers

As per NSA 230 on audit working papers are useful for auditors in following:

 Assist in the planning and performance of the audit, working papers are designed and organized to meet the circumstances and the auditor’s needs for each individual audit. The use of standardized working papers (for example, checklists, specimen letters, and organization of working papers) may improve the efficiency with which such working papers are prepared and reviewed. They facilitate the delegation of work while providing a means to control its quality. It provides guidance to the audit staff with regard to the manner of checking the schedules. It also acts as the process of planning for the auditor so that he can estimate the time that man be required for checking the schedules.

 Assist in the supervision and review of the audit work and the auditor is able to fix responsibility on the staff member who signs each schedule checked by him. Further it facilitates review of work done and works to be done.

 Provide evidence of the audit work performed to support the auditor’s opinion. It acts as evidence in the court of law when a charge of negligence is brought against the auditor.

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