You have been appointed to be in charge of an information systems development project. As a project leader, explain how you would ensure that the project succeeds

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Means that I would use to ensure project success:
1. Ensure effective communication of issues regarding systems development to staff involved via regular meetings.
2. Get adequate management support in the form of funding and goodwill.
3. Proper goal definition in the project specification to ensure that the goals of the project are clearly understood all staff involved in its development.
4. Delegation of duties and responsibilities. The delegation of duties should be based on the skills and abilities of each team member.
5. Flexibility in planning so as to accommodate changes in future e.g. changes in technology, legislation, etc
6. Elimination of bureaucratic procedures e.g. bureaucratic communication procedures, which enhance the risk of delays in development.
7. Standardized project development so as to guarantee a quality end product.
8. Proper scheduling and estimation of time needed for the project. Scheduling and estimation of time should make a provision for some delays at each stage so as to come up with a realistic and implementable schedule.
9. Constant evaluation to ensure that the project development is according to plans.

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